Saturday, 6 August 2011

Abscess at various parts

Abscess in Right Nose Skin, Forehead, Side heads, lips, beard, chin, Left butt (Self-medication)  Warning : please don't opt self medications.

friends its no ways related to my fistula-in-ano. After the days of operations even i consumed enough anti-biotics, abscess appeared in various parts of my body. I consumed below shown  list of antibiotics and other medicines,  few abscess gets suppressed and few gets emerged new. I do not know the reason for it. Pain bearable; facial abscess, spoils my face....mirror fearing. If you came under any of the abscess, comment it to me also. Bye.

Medicines consumed
Rabeprazole(E.C) and Domperidone Sustained release Capsules (anti-spasmatic), GASORAB-DSR, Euro Biotech 69rs, 1-0-0-1
Rabeprazole Sodium IP 20mg (as enteric coated pellets)
Domperidone BP 30mg (10mg as immediate release and 20mg as sustained release)
Paracetamol and aceclofenac tablets, ACEMIZ plus, (anti-inflammatory) 52rs, 1-0-0-1
Paracetamol IP 500mg
Acetofenac IP 100mg
over dose may be injurious to liver
Cephalexin Capsules IP 500mg, CEPHADEX-500, 165rs (anti-biotic), 1-1-0-1
Cephalexin IP equivalent to anhydrous Cephalexin 500mg

College medical Shop

Ampicillin and Dicloxacillin Capsule MEGACLOX, 66rs, 1-1-0-1
Ampicillin trihydrate IP equivalent to Ampicillin 250mg
Dicloxacillin Sodium USP equivalent to Dicloxacillin 250mg

44 days over...

44 days completed. No pain. But still I found that cavity, yellowish discharge, meger pain while at some positions and movements. For now the discharge is disgusting, no odour or itching. Just uncomfortable...; Though I am male, i'm using pads to get rid of yellowish water it's collected well in it. I didn't go for dressing for the past 24 days; i stopped dressing my wound from 13july2011. Friends don't worry...just go and consult a doctor and do surgery; Fistulectomy. I've done laser surgery, total expense is 32,000inr. Do not do Laser's just a myth that by opting laser you consume less pain. It's is exactly true...because i consumed equal amount of Pain Killers. Exact details of my COST of surgery is as follows,
Laser operation=20,000rs including lab used medicines and injections.
Medicines Consumed=6000+ includes all pain killers, injections, tablets, capsules, H-drugs
Scan= MRI magnetic resonanse imaging 6000rs.
Total=32K inr.
have in mind that, laser has no advantage over fistulectomy operation. Laser used for me is just to cut the wound. Not for ligation(joining), hence there no advantage over Laser in Fistulectomy. Do the normal operation which is cost effective to you. Many methods are available...
Ligasure Diathermy, 
Bipolar diathermy, 
Fistula plug (surgisis), 
Scalpel (old), 
other electro coagulation methods are also there. Also consult your Dr. whether to opt fistulotomy (fistulous tract is wide open and drained out...wound heals from INSIDE OUT). Fistulectomy they do remove the entire fistulous tract as I shown that in my "unrated picture" post. I opted as you all know photo coagulation. Eventhough photo coagualtion using Hot Laser has 97% advantage, pain that i pastly consumed during the earlier days of recovery period is as equal as ligasure diathermy which has 93% advantage. Though Laser has 5% more advantage than diathermy, do not opt laser, because it costs more...myth for laser is myth only. My suggestion for you people is to opt other operative methods for fistulectomy. Hope my readers would have seen, all my posts...Therein I gave all useful links...I will be posting further when time permits. Bye friends

Dear disclaimers, I don't be panic of any copyright infringement law, I typed all these only for information of those people who suffered like me. SO kindly dont' claim, as you may get only null from me

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Few links for fistula

links that i have with fistula.... sorry if anylink is not working. Also dont penalize me for promoting any site. All those site are given only for your reference.
"Surgery of Colon Rectum and Anus" filetype:pdf (i should to say gratitude to this site)....thanks last i saw that site and redduced the fear of operation. (tears came out of my eyes when i read the whole post),or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c4d7de69358c82a&biw=1280&bih=634

i loved wordpress posts mainly have me courage by reading the stories. My fear slightly got reduced. Before that i was in panic zone, now drifted after operation to partially safe zone. Beware....a fistula may reoccur if and only if YOU CONSUME LESS FIBRE FOR PRLONGED TIME.!!! So be careful, take fibre rich foods. Fig, Guava, Green Bananas...last but not the least consume..less spicy it can fasten the healing process. I will keep this tag updated! so no worry....Get well sooon!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Medicines And Tablets Consumed


at the date of operation

Ketorolac tro methane injection KELAC 30mg 1ml 20Rs
Promethazine HCL injection PHENREGAN 23mg 2ml 8rs
Pentazocine lactate FORTWIN 1ml 4rs
Tramodol HCL injection MOLDOL 15mg 23rs

next day of operation

Cefixime and Pottasium Clavulanate tablets 200mg-anhy, 125mg-acid TOPCEF CLAV 200
Serratiopeptidase 10mg and Diclofenac Pottassium 50mg tablets DICLOSERIDE
Tramadol HCL and paracetamol tablets travid-P
Esomeprazole Magnesium and Domperidone Sustained release capsules NEXPRO RD 20
Ciprofloxacin CIPROSE 500mg

continued for next week or so...

ciprose, dicloseride, nexpro,
tramadol(if pain)

EVICT ensures complete evacuation a tonic/syrup
CIPLADINE for sitz bath

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

pictures unrated before and after surgery


Day2 (23june2011)

Continued in day2 they took me for a chest X ray test. They gave me peglec oral solution dissolve in 2 liters of water. (like that of enema...but that of oral type). 6 to 7 times bowel movements occurred. Lastly yellowish water came out of my stool (no solid content found) and that's it. My bowel were emptied. Feeling little bit tired. I waited for 4 hours. I was given IV. Glucose, NS,....bla bla...all that. Then someone came inside the room, they said that part have to be shaved. Damn fuck...I have not shaved since my birth.


Day1 (22june2011)

I was going inside the hospital. There they asked me to undergo Blood test, Urine test, X-ray and Tuberculosis test, ECG.

From my vein, they injected the needle for the first time in my life. They took blood of about half the syringe (5 to 10mL). I got so mosquito byte like pain, bearable. Then they asked me to take a small bottle over there in the lab and was asked to fill the urine in it. OMG! How can I say my kidney to urinate now....just smile. Somehow I filled it and closed, washed the outer surface and gave it to that lab technician over there. Next to the they injected some thing into my left hand...they said that it is for testing tuberculosis. 48 hours to check......But my operation is scheduled on next day morning. Damn great Indian hospital. Fortunate thing is that, I am all tests. Else It may be complicated bitter experience. I forget to tell about me. I am Male 22 years old, 100 kg s obeased weight. 5 feet 6 inches tall. (typical Indian)

Laboratory report


Total count : 9200cells/

Differentail count:

Polymorphs : 67%
Lymphocyte : 31%
Eosinophils : 02%
Haemoglobin: 12.5%
E.S.R : ½ Hour 04mm
B.Sugar(R) : 118.mgs/dl
B.Urea : 29.0mgs/dl
S.Creatinine : 0.9mgs/dl
S.Chlolestrol: 169.0 mgs/dl
Bleeding time: 2min 45 sec
Clotting time: 5min 00sec
HIV : Non reactive
HbsAG : Negative
VDRL : Non reactive


Albumin : Nil
Sugar : Nil
Deposites : 3-5 pus cells/ HPF. No EPI cells/HPF, No cast or crystals

They they took ECG electro cardio gram. Everything turned out normal.